About MMC Home Solutions

Our mission is to provide real estate solutions for home sellers that prefer speed and convenience over the traditional sales process. Because of our dedication to service, we are the leading cash home buyer in Greenville County, South Carolina! We buy properties from homeowners who want a fast and convenient sale of their homes instead of selling via the traditional process.

Meet the Team!


Originally from Braddock, ND, Michael grew up on a family farm. After high school, he attended school at Montana State University earning a degree in Electrical Engineering. After college, he served the US Air Force for 7 years and moved several times across the country. He met his wife, Kimberly when living in FL and they started MMC Home Solutions, LLC together when they moved to Greenville in January 2017. They recently moved to Colorado where they love spending as much time outdoors as possible with their two boys. Michael’s favorite hobbies include downhill skiing, scuba diving, and off-road trail riding between campsites deep in the mountains.


Ed grew up on the West Coast but he, his wife, and three daughters got to Greenville as fast as they could. Ed attended Fresno State University earning a degree in Anthropology and is currently pursuing his MBA at Clemson University. In his spare time, Ed enjoys hiking the trails at Jones Gap, restoring classic cars, and serving in his community. We are so grateful to have Ed on our team as one of our Acquisition Specialists.


Emily is our local Sales and Dispositions Manager. She moved back to Greenville several years ago with her husband and three children. Her background is in elementary education but she made a career change when she accepted a job with MMCHS! She loves connecting with people and hearing life stories. Her favorite hobbies are traveling, being outdoors, and standing on top of tall mountains. She likes running slowly and aspires to run another marathon… one day.


Joe is a husband and a father of one, born and raised in the Philippines. He worked as a customer service, technical support and sales representative for six years in the BPO industry but switched to the real estate industry several years ago and works remotely. In his free time, he and his wife are bakers and own a small bakeshop in their town. They love to sing karaoke together and taking weekend road trips with their family! He is also involved in his local church.


Julian was born in Panama and learned English while he was in high school. In 2011, he began providing customer service and tech support for international companies – working for Amazon, Dell, HP and others. By seeking to understand others and always grow in his capacity to be kind he has been able to achieve many goals in his life. In his free time, some of the things that Julian loves to do are attending church activities, trips to the beach and mountains and paddle boarding in lakes. Julian works for our team by taking and returning incoming calls, so if you call from our website, you’ll likely speak with him!


Denisse is our Administrative Assistant and a recent newlywed! She is a graduate of mechanical engineering, and previously worked in the automotive industry as a quality engineer supplier before transitioning to a new type of role at MMCHS. During her free time, Denisse loves hanging out in cafes and traveling! She hopes one day she will have lots of good stories to tell from exploring more of home in the Philippines!

Sell Your House Fast In Greenville, SC


Laarni is a wife and a mother of two, born and raised on the beautiful island of the Philippines. Graduate of Industrial Engineering, she worked for several different multinational companies handling manufacturing, people, and processes. In 2018, she took a leap of faith and got her first remote job with MMC Home Solutions. She works as Michael’s personal assistant and is the glue that holds our team together! She loves food, especially breakfast! Though not a swimmer, she loves going to the beach to watch the waves and the sun. She spends her weekends with family over good food, movies, and music.